Harmonious Beginnings MTS


Lisa Friedrich MT-BC, NMT Fellow

Lisa Friedrich MT-BC, NMT Fellow

Harmonious Beginnings MTS, LLC is a private practice music therapy clinic committed to providing a variety of services to meet diverse client needs. Through the therapeutic use of music, we strive to give our clients meaningful experiences that enrich their lives. Harmonious Beginnings MTS, LLC has been in business since September 2003. Originally, this private practice began when Lisa drove to clients’ homes providing services for 12 families. Harmonious Beginnings has now grown into a clinic that has provided therapy services for over 100 clients.  We has provided services to various programs in the community such as Camp Kinder, Goodwill, Lakeside Curative Services, the Special Education District of Lake County and the Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency’s Head Start Program.

In September of 2012, Harmonious Beginnings became licensed to teach Music Together® classes. You can read more about the classes on the Music Together page. This early childhood music skill building class has been a wonderful addition to the Harmonious Beginnings repertoire. Lisa’s passion for early childhood is obvious, energetic and contagious. The classes are designed to build basic music skills like singing in tune and moving to the beat. These classes are designed for typically developed children to build music skills, but the classes are such an open and welcoming place for children to explore their world through music, that even children with special needs are appropriate and welcome in these classes.

It only made sense for Harmonious Beginnings to become licensed to use the Music Together Within Therapy® so now the wonderful curriculum is available to therapy clients for additional resources to use at home. This is great because the music that is used during a therapy session can go home with the clients and be reinforced through use at home with other family members.


Lisa Friedrich is the owner of Harmonious Beginnings and a Board Certified Music Therapist, with additional certification in Neurologic Music Therapy. She has been working with people with special needs since 1995, with pre-school population since 1998 and with Autism Spectrum Disorders since April, 2001. In September, 2003, she began working as a music therapist to service families in Racine and Kenosha Counties through private practice and officially became Harmonious Beginnings Music Therapy Services, LLC in 2007.

She is an active volunteer in the Racine community through her work at Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church and through the Junior League of Racine.


Clinic Space
The clinic is located conveniently just off of Highway 20, between Highway 31 and Interstate 94 in Racine. A variety of space to accommodate different size groups.


Harmonious Beginnings MTS, LLC serves clients from a variety of populations, including

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Emotional Disorders
  • Behavioral Disorders
  • Developmental Delays
  • Learning Delayed
  • Down Syndrome
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Sensory Integration Issues


Goal Areas Targeted
Music therapy can address goals in the following areas:

  • Attention/focus
  • Speech/Language
  • Sensory Integration Issues
  • Emotional/Behavioral issues
  • Fine/Gross motor