Harmonious Beginnings MTS


As owner of Harmonious Beginnings, Lisa Friedrich is invested in the Racine Community. She is passionate about her volunteer efforts in the community. As Chair of the Community Research Committee of the Junior League of Racine from 2012-2013, Lisa lead the efforts to pilot a new Play and Learn program called Learning inside Out and Upside Down (LiOUD). The group is offered for free at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Racine. It’s purpose is to support families and help prepare young children for Kindergarten.

As a Racine Native, Lisa is dedicated to the community and finds new ways to reach out to improve and enrich lives of people in her home town. If you have a group that would be considered outreach, there are many ways to collaborate on projects. Funding for these projects can come from several sources, including grants. We would be happy to help with goal areas and applicable research if you are considering grant funding as an option. Contact our office to discuss possible collaboration efforts.